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PDF icon Sein-et-al-2011-Action-Design-Research.pdf (392.41 KB)
Purao, S., & Desouza, K.. (2011). Clues to Failures in Large-Scale, Public Sector Projects. In Forty-Forth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-44). presented at the 01/2011, Kauai, HI: IEEE Press.
PDF icon HICSS44-Paper1045-PuraoDesouza-Final.pdf (572.07 KB)
Suo, S., Techatassanasoontorn, A., & Purao, S.. (2011). The Interplay Between Cloud-based SOA and IT Departments. In Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS). presented at the 08/2011.
PDF icon Suo-et-al-2011-The-Interplay-between-Cloud-based-SOA-and-IT-Department.pdf (125.88 KB)
PDF icon leadership-dynamics-in-partially-distributed-teams.pdf (167.89 KB)
Purao, S., Storey, V. C., Sugumaran, V., Conesa, J., Minguillon, J., & Casas, J.. (2011). Repurposing Social Tagging Data for Extraction of Domain-level Concepts. In 16th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems (NLDB). presented at the 06/2011.
PDF icon Purao et al 2011.pdf (450.23 KB)
He, J., Purao, S., Becker, J., & Strobhar, D.. (2011). Service Extraction from Operator Procedures in Process Industries. In Design Science in Information Systems and Technologies Conference (DESRIST). presented at the 05/2011, LNCS Press.
PDF icon He et al 2011.pdf (414.77 KB)
Karunakaran, A., & Purao, S.. (2011). Templating in Practice. In I-Conference. presented at the 02/2011.
PDF icon Karunakaran and Purao 2011.pdf (946.79 KB)
Purao, S., Martin, R., & Robertson, E.. (2011). Transforming Enterprise Architecture Models. In 23rd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE). presented at the 06/2011, London, England.
PDF icon CAiSE-Purao-Martin-Robertson-2011.pdf (241.67 KB)
Plotnick, L., Hiltz, S. R., & Ocker, R.. (2011). Trust over Time and Distance in Global Partially Distributed Teams. In Forty-fourth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. presented at the 01/2011.
PDF icon Trust-over-Time-and-Distance-in-Global-Partially-Distributed-Teams1.pdf (241.64 KB)
Becker, J., Dai, R. W., & Purao, S.. (2011). Understanding IT Project Risks as Disturbances to Digital Ecosystems. In ACM International Conference on Management of Digital Ecosystems.
Cameron, B., & Clark, S.. (2012). Business Process Portfolio Management: A Strategic Alignment Perspective. In Business Enterprise Process and Technology Management: Models and Applications (pp. 18-31). IGI Global.
Purao, S., Bolloju, N., & Tan, C. H.. (2012). Combining Local Perspectives to Generate Enterprise-Wide Integration Solutions. In Design Science in Information Systems and Technologies Conference (DESRIST). presented at the 05/2012, Las Vegas, NV: LNCS Press.
PDF icon Purao-et-al-2012-Combining-Local-Perspectives-to-Generate-Enterprise-Wide-Integration-Solutions.pdf (335.62 KB)