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PDF icon Sein-et-al-2011-Action-Design-Research.pdf (392.41 KB)
Velumani, M. (2017). Adoption of Agile Enterprise Architecture in a Large Organization: A Case Study. College of Information Sciences and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University. presented at the 05/2017.
PDF icon Manoj_Thesis_EA.pdf (806.06 KB)
PDF icon journal_feb2013_cameron_2.pdf (763.61 KB)
Suo, S. (2013). Cloud Implementation in Organizations: A Dissertation Summary. The Pennsylvania State University.
PDF icon Dissertation Suo 2013 - Summary.pdf (234.88 KB)
PDF icon Dissertation Suo 2013 - Full.pdf (1.96 MB)
Purao, S., & Desouza, K.. (2011). Clues to Failures in Large-Scale, Public Sector Projects. In Forty-Forth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-44). presented at the 01/2011, Kauai, HI: IEEE Press.
PDF icon HICSS44-Paper1045-PuraoDesouza-Final.pdf (572.07 KB)
Zhang, G., & Purao, S.. (2014). CM2: A Case-Based Conflict Management System. In Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST).
PDF icon DESRIST2014-Final-Zhang&Purao.pdf (417.71 KB)
Purao, S., Bolloju, N., & Tan, C. H.. (2012). Combining Local Perspectives to Generate Enterprise-Wide Integration Solutions. In Design Science in Information Systems and Technologies Conference (DESRIST). presented at the 05/2012, Las Vegas, NV: LNCS Press.
PDF icon Purao-et-al-2012-Combining-Local-Perspectives-to-Generate-Enterprise-Wide-Integration-Solutions.pdf (335.62 KB)
PDF icon Communication Structures in Partially Distributed Teams_ The Impo_0.pdf (197.21 KB)
Woo, C. (2014). Conceptual Modeling for Managing and Changing Business. Center for Enterprise Architecture Research Report.
PDF icon EA-Research-Report-2014-Woo-formatted.pdf (516.14 KB)
PDF icon ER-2012-Conc-Modeling-Sysint-Submitted.pdf (373.01 KB)
PDF icon EA-Research-Report-2014-Cameron-formatted.pdf (403.95 KB)
PDF icon DIGIT2016.pdf (93.44 KB)
Umapathy, K., Purao, S., & Barton, R. R.. (2008). Designing Enterprise Integration Solutions. European Journal of Information Systems, 17, 518-527.
PDF icon Designing-Enterprise-Integration-Solutions.pdf (210.54 KB)
Karunakaran, A., Purao, S., & Cameron, B.. (2012). Designing to Support Complex Organizational Work. In IT Artefact Design Workshop (in conjunction with European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS). presented at the 06/2012, Barcelona, Spain.