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Purao, S., Martin, R., & Robertson, E.. (2011). Transforming Enterprise Architecture Models. In 23rd International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE). presented at the 06/2011, London, England.
PDF icon CAiSE-Purao-Martin-Robertson-2011.pdf (241.67 KB)
Plotnick, L., Hiltz, S. R., & Ocker, R.. (2011). Trust over Time and Distance in Global Partially Distributed Teams. In Forty-fourth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences. presented at the 01/2011.
PDF icon Trust-over-Time-and-Distance-in-Global-Partially-Distributed-Teams1.pdf (241.64 KB)
Becker, J., Dai, R. W., & Purao, S.. (2011). Understanding IT Project Risks as Disturbances to Digital Ecosystems. In ACM International Conference on Management of Digital Ecosystems.