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Towards Values-inspired Design: The Case of Citizen-Centric Services

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TitleTowards Values-inspired Design: The Case of Citizen-Centric Services
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsPurao, S
Conference NameInternational Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
Date Published12/2013
Conference LocationMilan, Italy
KeywordsCitizen-centric Services, Design Research, Values, Values-inspired Design

We argue for and propose a design-way for Values-inspired Design. The context in which we develop our argument is Citizen-centric services in mega-cities. The work draws on and extends prior efforts related to values, value-conscious design and valuesensitive design. Our efforts are motivated by the significant trends towards mega-cities, and an acknowledgment of the need to translate policy-level decisions to citizen-centric services. The efforts we describe, therefore, demonstrate how values can inspire design principles and in turn, dictate specific design features. We use scenario-based design and rely on commonly accepted UML diagrams to operationalize our argument. The outcome, which we call a design-way provides a mapping across artifacts-principlesvalues that can act as a sensitizing device to facilitate Values-inspired Design.

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