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Enterprise Architecture Valuation and Metrics: A Survey-Based Research Study

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TitleEnterprise Architecture Valuation and Metrics: A Survey-Based Research Study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsCameron, B, McMillan, E
JournalJournal of Enterprise Architecture
KeywordsEnterprise Architecture, Survey, Value Measurement

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is increasingly being adopted and utilized by all types of organizations. Despite its growing popularity, the challenge facing many organizations is how to measure and provide evidence of the value that EA provides to an enterprise. This challenge includes determining the best ways to effectively evaluate and measure the impact EA has on an enterprise. To provide some insight into this problem, this article provides an overview of the means used to measure the value of EA within organizations. This article seeks to accomplish four tasks. First, to demonstrate that EA value measurement is a challenge that needs to be addressed within organizations. Second, to highlight the variety of methods and measures that organizations currently use in their attempts to measure the value of EA. Third, to provide insight into the reported challenges facing organizations involved in the process of measuring the value of EA. Fourth, to propose a conceptual model for EA value measurement that can be utilized by organizations who have implemented EA. To provide support and evidence for all four of these tasks, we present the results from a survey that contains the responses from 276 participants whose job roles and responsibilities directly reflected working in EA within their organizations.