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Zhang, G., & Purao, S.. (2014). CM2: A Case-Based Conflict Management System. In Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST).
PDF icon DESRIST2014-Final-Zhang&Purao.pdf (417.71 KB)
Woo, C. (2014). Conceptual Modeling for Managing and Changing Business. Center for Enterprise Architecture Research Report.
PDF icon EA-Research-Report-2014-Woo-formatted.pdf (516.14 KB)
PDF icon EA-Research-Report-2014-Cameron-formatted.pdf (403.95 KB)
Purao, S., & Dwivedi, N.. (2014). Enterprise Architecture Research Priorities: A Delphi Study. Center for Enterprise Architecture Research Report.
PDF icon EA-Research-Priorities-Delphi-Final.pdf (1.95 MB)
Dwivedi, N., Purao, S., & Straub, D. W.. (2014). Knowledge Contributions in Design Science Research: A Meta-analysis. In Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies (DESRIST).
PDF icon EA-Research-Report-2014-Cai-formatted.pdf (433.78 KB)
PDF icon journal_feb2013_cameron_2.pdf (763.61 KB)
Suo, S. (2013). Cloud Implementation in Organizations: A Dissertation Summary. The Pennsylvania State University.
PDF icon Dissertation Suo 2013 - Summary.pdf (234.88 KB)
PDF icon Dissertation Suo 2013 - Full.pdf (1.96 MB)
Purao, S., Henfridsson, O., Rossi, M., & Sein, M.. (2013). Ensemble Artifacts: From Viewing to Designing in Action Design Research. An International Journal on Information Technology, Action, Communication and Workpractices, 7(1), 73-81.
PDF icon Purao, Henfridsson, Rossi, and Sein 2013.pdf (300.34 KB)
PDF icon journal_feb2013_cameron_1.pdf (801.24 KB)
Purao, S., Seng, T. C., & Wu, A.. (2013). Modeling Citizen-centric Services in Smart Cities. 32nd International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER). presented at the 11/2013, Hong Kong.
Johnson, N., Murphy, A., McNeese, N., Reddy, M., & Purao, S.. (2013). A Survey of Rural Hospitals’ Perspectives on Health Information Technology Outsourcing. In American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Symposium. Washington, DC.
PDF icon Johnson et al 2013.pdf (457.11 KB)
Purao, S. (2013). Towards Values-inspired Design: The Case of Citizen-Centric Services. In International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). presented at the 12/2013, Milan, Italy.
PDF icon Purao, Wu - 2013.pdf (711.83 KB)
Purao, S. (2013). Truth or Dare: The Ontology Question in Design Science Research. Journal of Database Management, 24(3).
PDF icon Purao 2013.pdf (614.41 KB)