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Digital Disruption at Cisco

Robert Roffey, Director, Advanced Services

Abstract: Cisco has carried the flag for Country Digitization for several years, and countries like India, Spain, and France have made tremendous strides in delivering digital capabilities to their constituents.  However, digitization can seem like just another buzz word to those of us working in areas outside the government.  In reality, enterprises today are impacted by this shift in two distinct, but related ways:

1. Digital Disruption of the Business – the changing of the company’s value proposition and how it is delivered by an enterprise.

2. Business Digitization – enabling the secure, agile, self service capabilities needed to efficiently and effectively run a business. 

The enterprise architect of today must be capable of leading in both of these efforts.  In this presentation, attendees will hear about the internal transformation Cisco has made to enable the company to transform itself to meet both these challenges.