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Journey to Agile Architecture

Vishal Khapre, Principal Architect

Abstract: Enterprise Architecture is NOT agile or waterfall, it is fit to purpose. The delivery of architecture can be agile or waterfall but change is never easy. You must prepare your enterprise to culturally and technically support a newer delivery methodology. Strategic vision and tactical execution need to come together to support DevOps, microservices, modernizations, and digital Darwinism to resolve the tensions between intentional architecture and emergent architecture.

Vishal Khapre, principal architect at BNSF, a 160 year old US railroad, will speak about the crucial role that EA is playing as they confront the challenges of modernizing a 30 million lines-of-code mission critical system. To accomplish this huge undertaking, BNSF is integrating EA throughout its transition from a waterfall to an agile development environment.