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There are several ways to get involved with the Center for Enterprise Architecture: 

Benefits associated with each level are shown in the table below. In addition to education and research benefits, we are pleased to include access to students in the College of IST through two annual recruiting events held at IST, as well as inclusion of professional development opportunities.

Two membership agreements are Partner and Advisor. Please complete the agreement for the level of engagement that you desire. Contact Dr. Rosalie Ocker, the CEA director, if you need a separate invoice or have any questions.

Membership Levels and Benefits

Membership Levels and Benefits





Seats on CEA Executive Steering Committee
Seats on CEA Advisory Board
Seats at CEA Annual Meeting

2 (voting)
1 (voting)

1 (non-voting)

Discount on Professional Development Events

Per event:
2 complimentary; 
25% discount on 4
additional seats
Per event:
15% discount on 2


Access to EA Student Events
Booth at College of IST fall and spring career fairs
Access to CEA Research Repository

50% discount*


CEA Executive Steering Committee

  • Works with CEA faculty to set education, professional development, and research direction for the CEA
  • Provides guidance and direction in the development of the CEA strategic plan
  • Monitors performance against the strategic plan
  • Serve as a sounding board on emerging issues, problems, and initiatives

CEA Advisory Board

  • Access to CEA Faculty and Research Associates
  • Influence EA curriculum at graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Influence topics for Professional Development
  • Influence CEA research agenda
  • Attend CEA annual meeting and networking events

Professional Development Events

  • Architecting for Security; Washington, DC metro, early 2016
  • Overview of Risk-Driven Architecture Models and Methodologies
  • Workshop format; groups work through a case study to apply concepts

Priority access to students

  • Booth at College of IST fall and spring career fairs: Pro Expo and Future Forum
    + Premier booth location for fall and spring career fairs
    * Based on availability; includes early registration (space is limited)
  • Sponsored networking events (e.g. Fall student networking event on evening before Pro Expo)
  • First access to students in EA Club
  • Opportunities to speak to classes and participate in class projects at graduate and undergraduate levels (at faculty discretion)
  • Ability to post jobs and internships for graduate and undergraduate students

Click Here to download the Membership Benefits for CEA