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Student Engagements

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The College of IST offers faculty-led student IT consulting teams as a resource to companies and non-profit organizations. Companies benefit by having direct contact with future graduates and knowledge workers while students gain valuable experience by working with industry partners.

Site Visits

Site visits are one of the best ways to make an impression on students. A first-hand experience at an organization gives students the opportunity to apply concepts discussed in the classroom to real world examples.

Classroom Speaking

Speaking to a College of IST class is one of the best ways to interact with students and teach them about your experiences in industry and your current/past organization(s).

Graduate Symposium

Organized and hosted by graduate students in IST and developed in collaboration with students in the Smeal College of Business, this year's theme revolved around Creativity and Innovation: The Future of Information, Technology and the Enterprise. Topics discussed included: Future of information search, Strategic role of IT in innovation, Future of workspaces, Social networks and Virtual worlds, Supply chain and Service science, Creativity in design and information sciences, IST in developing worlds, security and privacy.

IST Consulting Solutions Program

Sponsor Student Projects

Gain first-hand experience with student consulting teams and experience all the resources that the College of IST has to offer. The College of IST offers faculty-led student IT consulting teams as a resource to companies and non-profit organizations through the IST Consulting Solutions program. Participating organizations benefit by receiving assistance with IT-related projects while students gain real-world, client-focused work experience.

The IST Consulting Solutions Program (CSP) is a corporately-sponsored initiative designed to foster the integration of complex, real-world learning experiences into the IT consulting track within the IST curriculum. The CSP works closely with corporate, government and education organizations to explore and develop innovative, win-win,partnerships and projects involving the IT Consulting Track students.

IST has worked with numerous organizations to help develop IT projects that not only provide robust learning experiences for student teams but real value for partnering organizations. Past projects have involved a wide variety of technologies (see enclosed project descriptions) and have had durations ranging from fifteen weeks to two years. Deliverables may include fully developed systems, prototype systems, feasibility studies, design analysis and reports.

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