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The educational decision you are about to make is also an important career decision. By choosing Penn State's online master's degree or graduate certificate in enterprise architecture (EA) you are choosing to be a leader in a professional field that is gaining momentum across the globe. These unique programs were designed with significant input from more than seventy corporations,government bodies and industry associations.

EA once considered simply a means of linking IT strategy and execution in an organization has evolved to become a mechanism for aligning the entire enterprise - the business strategy and goals with information systems and technology. And EA has grown increasingly important to all types of organizations as they strive to become more efficient,effective and agile. The Penn State graduate certificate and master's degree programs in EA were designed to prepare students to thrive as employees in an environment that increasingly stretches across information technology in all areas of a business giving them the knowledge to help businesses and governments achieve their goals.

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You may also download a brochure of the current enterprise architecture programs offered in Penn State