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The purpose of the Center for Enterprise Architecture is to gather intellectual resources across Penn State to address open important research concerns and questions that span the design, functioning and governance of contemporary information-driven enterprises. Research will include the underlying information technology architectures, data and application architecture and the complex enterprise-level systems of systems that make use of these underlying architectures in a legislative and institutional marketplace. Through multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary research methods, this Center looks to address large-scale applications such as healthcare informatics, large service-based manufacturing firms, non-profit initiatives, federal and state government transformation and the design of homeland security agencies. By focusing on this type of research, the Center of Enterprise Architecture looks to produce effective outcomes in terms of both theory and practice. Some of the specific goals of the center include:

  • Achieving efficiencies in operations across company and network activities
  • Leveraging aligned enterprise technology to drive innovations in products, services and business models
  • Competing in a networked global world
  • Providing advice and support in undergraduate, graduate, professional continuing education and research.

Due to the nature of these applications and required expertise, the Center has developed strong links between researchers in institutes such as the College of Information Sciences and Technology, the College of Engineering, the Applied Research Lab, the Smeal College of Business as well as other academic/research units. The Center of Enterprise Architecture provides a focal point for integration through collaboration by focusing on the Organizational and Inter-Organizational level of analysis that has not been the focus of research endeavors in these domains elsewhere on campus.

The Center bolsters current College of Information Sciences and Technology degree programs from BS to MS to PhD, Of special importance is supporting the College's on-going efforts in developing,delivering new curriculam at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Center is a focal point for the enhancement of the IST Enterprise Integration Option which comprises approximately seventy percent of the IST undergraduate population. The Center supports the investigation and implementation of a new professional master's degree program related to enterprise architecture and related areas.

The Center for Enterprise Architecture focuses on directing attention and resources to the increasingly critical problem of co-designing the information technology infrastructure and business logic. The term Enterprise Architecture (EA) doesn’t only describe the static notion of an architecture - an arrangement of parts but also describes the more dynamic idea of architecting - the purposeful creation and evolution of the business logic and IT infrastructure. Thus EA promises to make available an expression of the enterprise which acts as a collaboration force between enterprise planning, enterprise operations, enterprise structure, the enabling technological infrastructure and aspects of automation (such as information systems and databases). The practice of EA is a critical input to defining a research agenda for Enterprise Architecture. It allows recognition of the scale and complexity of technology problems; It also ensures that the unique and situated nature of enterprise goals, functions and processes concerns is reflected in the research concerns.

Defining and tackling research problems in the domain of EA requires an engaged scholarship model and active collaboration with the EA practitioners. The Center of EA insists upon industry cooperation for definition of research problems and researcher-led research efforts that ensure generation as well as use of appropriate theories and research methods. Towards this end, the Center of EA will assemble, manage and lead the focus of Penn State resources to tackle both current and impending problems for realizing the EA vision. Rapid advances in enterprise modeling, data collection at various levels in the enterprise and data aggregation and presentation technologies provide the opportunity for major improvements in intervening and improving the co-design of business logic and technology infrastructure as well as the various intermediate layers. Applications for the research results are clear in large and networked enterprises, government agencies including defense and homeland security, large and distributed non-profit enterprises and manufacturing as well as service sector firms.

Below are the links to videos by Dr. Brian Cameron that will familiarize you with the Center for Enterprise Architecture,the Professional Masters Program in Enterprise Architecture,The Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO) and some commonly asked questions.

  • For videos, visit our YouTube channel.
  • The FEAPO Common Perspective on Enterprise Architecture: PDF
    This document is the result of a multi-year international effort to arrive at consensus in order to advance the profession of enterprise architecture.
  • The FEAPO Common Perspective on Enterprise Architecture Paper effort: Press Release